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Hiba Ahmad Alnaib

Community Director



The inextinguishable fighting spirit of oppressed people everywhere!


I am angry about a lot of injustices, and the target of my anger shifts daily. At the heart of my anger is a deep respect for people’s right to a dignified and free life. I want a world that is free of borders, of prejudice, of exploitation, of oppression, of violence, and I am particularly angry when people or beings who are vulnerable and historically oppressed are hurt by these systems for the sake of money or for short-term political goals.


I am a community organiser, facilitator, and researcher who has worked with organisations like Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth on the political education of young people, and organised with Global Justice Now on issues of climate justice, anti-racism, and trade justice. I’m active in a Brixton-based community group, Save Nour, where I help mobilise against gentrification in South London.

In my spare time, I like to go for long walks around the city, find local food gems, go to the theatre, dance (badly) to good music, and just be in community with my friends and family.

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