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Maddy Leftwich

Head of Changemaker Development



The power of being in community. Having worked in wide and varied settings, within often demoralising and challenging contexts, the hope and power that has come out of strong relationships has been transformative and vital. Strong relationships build resilience, community, power and possibility and is where creating radical change begins and where hope can be found.


That we have normalised and accepted punitive and violent institutions such as prisons, detention centres and exclusions. I am angry that these institutions and frameworks prevent us addressing the social problems at the root, through transformative and radical organising.


With over a decade of experience in mentoring, facilitating and support work, I have worked for several years in community arts and through-the-gate support roles, within prisons and post-release settings, as well as alternative educational contexts with young people. My practice focuses on embedding radical and transformative approaches to support work, and on capacity building whilst disrupting normative models of traditional charity and support work. I’ve designed and delivered a range of programmes nationally and internationally, and I’m passionate about guiding people to think and act critically to build the power needed to create change.

Outside of work I love books and pasta! Reading and eating - that’s me!

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