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Imane Maghrani

Associate Director of Spark Programmes



Every day, in all corners of the world, in ways big and small, people are tipping the scales of justice to prove to the world that change is possible.


I’m angry that our education system is largely set up to quash young people’s individuality, compassion and ability to think critically about the systems that create the inequities they experience.


I’m a youth programmes designer and social justice educator. I’ve worked in academia, the private sector and the charity sector, designing learning journeys for young people on human rights, political identities and systems of oppression (I’ve also accidentally worked in marketing). I love working with passionate young people and creating spaces for them to learn, thrive and challenge the status quo. I have an MSc in Global Migration from UCL and have worked at Fearless Futures, The Prince’s Trust and Leiden University.

I’m a voracious reader who loves making music, and secretly aspires to be in an amateur musical theatre company. I always have a volunteer gig going: right now I’m a primary school governor and a volunteer for Muslim Youth Helpline. A proud unpublished writer, I enjoy writing about identity, international affairs and the experience of Muslim women of colour with an axe to grind with patriarchy.

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