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Frankie Garnons Williams

Head of Fellowship



Witnessing communities come together to support each other. Community care. Mutual aid. It gives me hope that other systems and ways of living are possible and within reach.


The unjustified moral panic surrounding trans and gender nonconforming people in the UK. The trans community is only 1% of the UK population, but anti-trans rhetoric in the British press, transphobia and hate crimes have risen exponentially over the last few years. All we want is the ability to live as our most authentic selves. Leave us alone! Go away!


I have over eight years of experience working with young people and campaigners of all ages, designing and delivering engaging and transformative workshops and training across the UK, Canada and the USA. I’m energised by the power of young people and strive to create brave, engaging spaces for them to consider new possibilities, learn about their world and themselves, and explore different ways of being.

I love escaping reality and diving into different worlds built through films, books, video games and music - I’m an avid Sims player, Pokémon Go-er, Taylor Swift lover, cinema-frequenter and Florence Pugh aficionado! My day job as The Head of Fellowship at The Advocacy Academy is my way of building my dream world in the real world.

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