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Thishani Nadesan

Board Trustee and Treasurer


what makes me hopeful?

Any evidence of drive and passion to make change for the better - often in the advocates and alumni of TAA!

what makes me angry?

How easily most people can tune out the challenges we face in society, or give up on the idea they can help bring about change.


I am a Tech Executive with experience that focuses on consumer companies expanding access to impactful consumer financial services. Currently, I am a Product Lead and General Manager for Block's Cash App in the UK and Europe, formerly COO of fintech startup Cleo AI, and provide financial services consulting with Bain & Co. I have prior policy experiences with the Money and Pension Service's UK Strategy for Financial Well Being, as well as having worked with the British Embassy in Washington D.C., the microfinance non-profit Accion, and the think tank Demo.

Outside my day job I love hiking, taking on a physical challenge that also gives me a new mental perspective - a big achievement was a trek in Nepal last year with a peak at 5400m.

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