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Mark C Straw

Board Trustee


what makes me hopeful?

Nature, the oneness of people... and how history sets people free.

what makes me angry?

Ungrateful people; people who do not recognise the past and how it informs the present and carries us into the future.


I have a background of 25 years in Youth and Community work, and I’m an expert in Informal Learning and Critical Theory. I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University and built my practice through a method of Praxis, a commitment to supporting people to name their world, recognising the need for inquiry and equity to underpin all work to develop trust and meaning to the work. I work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally at the nexus between frontline practitioner and strategist. I have worked across the statutory, voluntary and the social enterprise sector. I also love football (playing and coaching) and especially love travelling, reading and spending time outdoors.

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