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Jack Van Cooten

Board Trustee


what makes me hopeful?

Positive action. When I see young people campaigning for issues that they care about, especially when against truly remarkable odds, I am immediately inspired. I also look back to other societal transformations throughout history, and how at one point, all of them were regarded as hopeless…until through sustained effort and enough momentum, they weren’t.

what makes me angry?

Unfairness. I simply cannot tolerate it at any scale. I see opportunities afforded to some yet denied to others and it makes me angry. It makes me want to do something about it.


I am the Research Team Manager at Management Consultancy Oliver Wyman, specialising in technology. I’m also currently undertaking a master’s at Oxford University in Social Science of the Internet. For over ten years I have run a club night, record label and radio show, Banana Hill – focussing on global club music. I truly believe that empowering young people and reducing inequality are the best ways that we can improve our society.

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