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We are A home for

grassroots youth organising in the UK.

Based in the heart of Brixton, over the past eight years we have trained young people with lived experience of injustice to achieve long-term systemic change in their communities through our three core programmes: the Fellowship, Spark, and Change Maker Development Programme (CMDP).

2 previous members of our youth development programmes


There is nothing inevitable 

about inequality and injustice


a group of teens working collaboratively

​"Facilitating an economics workshop for the Advocacy Academy was a brilliant experience. It made me more optimistic for the future of our country to see such switched-on students grappling with real and deep issues of privilege and power. I'm sure they will go far, armed with the skills the Academy has brought them." 

​Yuan Yang

​Rethinking economics 

"I can't say enough how amazed and impressed I am by the young people I met! I facilitated the final workshop on Intersectionality and learnt a lot from them! They were having advanced, intense conversations about privilege and injustice - conversations many people much older than them are still struggling to engage in."

Siana Bangura

​Rethinking economics 

"One of the most dynamic, innovative, thoughtful and important youth projects we've ever come across. We delivered a workshop, 'Playing in the Waves: Moving with Feminist Theory' and were completely inspired by the energy in the room; the extraordinary mix of young people brought together to learn and to advocate for social change.”

Hannah Retallack

UCL Institute of Education

"I was brought in to inspire the young people at The Advocacy Academy but I was definitely the one leaving inspired. Spaces like this allow and encourage them to think more, do more and be more. I was smiling all day after meeting them because I know the future is in good hands with the next generation. Send my love to them all!"

Charlie Craggs

Nail Transphobia

“Working with the young people was a refreshing experience. They are super switched-on, sharp, and ready to make a change in their worlds. After a few minutes of being with them I already felt that if there are any young people who will make a change in our culture, it's probably these guys.”

Andre Anderson

​Freedom & Balance Academy 

"In party politics we are so used to key messaging and learned rebuttals. Believe me when I say the young people I met at The Advocacy Academy won’t let you get away with that. And why should they? I had to be accountable, and nothing short of authenticity was going to cut it. This is political education at its best."

Natasha Josette

The World Transformed

A goup of young change makers


a group of young people celebration together

Are you passionate about creating lasting change?


Whether you are a young person who wants to join one of our programmes, a community organiser who needs workshop space, or a donor who wants to support us, there are so many ways to get involved with our movement!


a group of young adult joining one of our programms



Organising Partners


Young Members


Campaigns for Justice

the advocacy academy event /meeting room

Visit our events page to find out about our upcoming events and how you can get involved.

This is when we rise: The Advocacy Academy's Graduation 2020.

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