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Shoomi Chowdhury

Director of Programmes



My niece and nephew. Tiny humans in general. Their curiosity and wonder are a constant reminder and what fuels my motivation and energy so they inherit a more just world.


Abuse of power in all its forms, from the family structure, institutions whether that’s your workplace, your temple or your Mosque and wider systems. The remnants of that abuse have far-reaching consequences impacting the most marginalised communities. Communities I grew up in. Communities I cherish.


After seven years working in human rights education at Amnesty International UK and later leading anti-oppression programmes in the arts and cultural sector, I’ve found that at the heart of my work is the well-being of people, collective liberation and sharing joy. I have extensive experience leading and creating transformative programmes in human rights, social justice and community spaces. My work has taken me from grassroots community work in my local community to international human rights NGOs. I have always sought to be a part of the solution. As an educator, being radical and kind in taking people on journeys of learning and unlearning, and shifting their attitudes and mindset, is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I love to build community any opportunity I get, whether that’s hosting iftar meals in Ramadhan, building accessibility in football for Muslim women with Suffolk FA, or helping to raise half a million pounds to build a community centre in my role as Trustee at the Colchester Islamic Community Centre.

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