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Mel Da Silva Pinto

Movement Leader



I’ve seen radical honesty in my community; I’ve experienced joy in despair, pain in challenge, and vivid dreams in nightmares. Creating a better world is a possibility, and I’ve experienced how easy it is to love when you create a culture that accepts and celebrates, rather than shuns and punishes.


The lack of care invested into communities. Love, joy and pleasure are robbed from us by systems of oppression that cage communities at the centre of violence continuously.


My facilitation style is rooted in Disability Justice and Transformative Justice principles. Using these principles, I have created guidelines for my university on how to build intersectional power, designs and facilitates content for Social Justice youth camps in London. I also consult on ethical funding practices with the ‘Involving Young People Collective’. I take this understanding into my activism, and work to create caring structures that support the understanding of conflict within communities; channelling joy and pleasure at the core of this work.

I’m a Creative at heart! I write TV shows, books and songs - and I’m currently working on my EP! Words, in whatever format, have always been my way to understand and be understood. So you’ll always find me doing something creative with my time and using all of that experience to create environments and a culture that channels soul and love into them.

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