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Lydia Rye

Director of Campaigns



Working at TAA gives me a little hope every day - seeing how our Members imagine new ways of being and working and demanding better - they challenge my cynicism in ways that bring deep joy.


I hate when people are made to feel small and powerless, this is why I love organising - not just because we can win but because of the way people begin to take up space authentically as themselves along the way.


I’m an experienced Community Organiser and campaigner with more than a decade of experience in social purpose work. As a former Senior Organiser for Citizens UK, I oversaw civil society alliances in West London, Nottingham & the Maun Valley and I’m most proud of my work with Nottingham Citizens to see misogyny recognised as a motivator for hate crime for the first time internationally. Before joining TAA, I worked for Lloyds Bank Foundation as Grantee Influencing Support and still work freelance with funders interested in funding organising work.

I’m a host for The Dinner Party, a peer led grief support group based on food and collective care, and an avid tryer of new crafts and own all the craft supplies - that counts as a hobby, right? I’m also that person who loves to wild-swim.

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